MLB I Enjoy the Stars, Enjoy the Show!
Directed by: Brian Beletic
Editor: Maury Loeb
Composer: Seth Olinsky



The 2022 MLB All Star game was held in Los Angeles at  Dodger Stadium for the first time in 42 years. MLB worked with the LA-based Sundance-winning agency Observatory,  known for bridging brands and entertainment, to create a Hollywood style, Summer Blockbuster-inspired trailer to the Midsummer Classic.

Observatory recruited legendary director Brian Beletic (Smuggler), a massive baseball enthusiast known for his cinematic Emmy award winning sports work with Nike to help connect all the tensions, drama, and heroics of the great American Past Time to the other great American Past Time - Cinema


On this project, there isn't one film reference, but loads of classic film references back to back - the blockbuster trailer opening, the Spaghetti Western showdown, the buddy film, the classic 80s Lucas/Spielberg space adventure, the heist, the Super hero movie etc.

From Spielberg to Sphagetti Western, the Matrix to the Modern Blockbuster, from Suspense to Superhero, it was our task to create the scores and cues to all these films that could then be brought into the edit and cut together from scene to scene.


It’s all about the sound and emotion of each beat and each scene on Brian’s projects.  

When we work with Brian, our team is always on from the beginning of the project and starting the music ideation process at the same time as storyboard development. After discussing initial ideas and project goals, as soon as threre are rough boards we meet to go through the script and boards, scene by scene and beat by beat. He talks through the ideas, the story, the emotion, the camera approach, and we ideate on the myriad possible music directions and genre possibilities in that moment, breaking down the core elements of emotion and energy that the music is responsible for in each scene. From there the studio explodes into writing and recording 100s of cues that we can then weave together in the edit and develop during post.


When it came time for the heist scene, the question was will this work best as a Michael Mann style heist, an Ocean’s 11 heist, a Nolan Batman style heist, or perhaps a 70’s noire style bank robbery? Just like the rest of the scenes, we created multiple scores to take into the edit to find the right one.   

Rising Heat

It’s in the Safe

In Pursuit of the Objective

One, More, Second

The Showdown

For the Spaghetti Western inspired showdown between the Byron Buxton and Nestor Cortes, we experiemented with various approaches, ultimately landing on a track that begins with a classic Ennio Morricone inspired score, but then a modern beat kicks in when the base stealer begins to run. 


Showdown at Diamond

Faced Down


For this sequence we composed a classic 80’s style space flight cue. 

Epic Flight

Space Takeoff

Solar Return