The Next Wave

Nike I The Next Wave
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Directed by: Martin Krejci
Edited by: Hank Corwin
Composer: Seth Olinsky



You don’t have to do the way it’s been done before, you just have to do it. This is the anthem rally cry to the next wave of athletes in this non stop, choreographed one shot that never lets up by director Martin Krejci, edited by academy award nominated editor Hank Corwin (Don’t Look Up) and mixed by Academy Award winner Chris Jenkins (Mad Max: Fury Road). 


Avoid cliche, create an unexpected, fun, pulsing, layered score that keeps pace with all the action on screen creating a wave that builds layer by layer and crashes at the end. This project should have it’s own character - on the other side we don’t want to be arty farty or indulgent. It needs to be balls grabbing and entertaining to listen. The most important element of the music is it’s growing structure. It could go by it’s intensity or by amount of instruments, by melody or which ever other way exist. – that represents the wave, which is growing from nothing gets bigger and bigger and then it drops back to water.


We created a fun, badass score full of charisma that weaves together disparate threads of minimalism and rock n roll in a multilayered liquid feel where one layer pours over another,  building in and out with sfx and voice to a crashing, cinematic epic scale. 

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