VRBO Fiesta Bowl

Bring It Home

VRBO I Bring It Home
Production: Bryght Young Things
Director: Jonatán López
Editorial: Cartel
Editor: Nick Deliberto
Composer: Seth Olinsky



This is the film that would play right before the VRBO Fiesta Bowl on TVC and In Stadium. A film that captures the history of the bowl, as well as the anticipation of friends and family gathered to watch something they’ve been looking forward to all year. 


Since this film would play right before the game on TV and in Stadium,for this project they needed a track that would set the stage and capture the cinematic anticipation of the moment, and then build to a grand cinematic scale. 


We composed a range of tracks for this project, from hype up sports tracks to boisterous rock n roll, and explored a variety of unexpected directions, before honing in on a cinematic score with the tone of a 1960s-esque psychedelic Ennio Morricone-inspired hype track with loads of distorted woodwinds and a huge percussion section of marching drums.

Our Consortium team also handled the VO record, SFX, and Mix as well for this proejct with the uber-talented mix master Drew Fischer at the helm.

Hype ︎︎︎

A sample of hype up sports tracks we explored. 



Next In Line

The Unexpected

We also explored taking it in an enexpected direction that could emphasize the timelessness of the sport and athletes and competition. 

A Motion in Time

Ask Not Ask