Arts & Letters collaborated with Psyop and brought us on to help NBA on ESPN create a unique, cinematic world for the NBA season that developed along with the season narrative, from tip off all the way to the promised land of the Championship. 


ESPN wanted to start the season with something cinematic but new and unexpected that could speak to the dreamyness of the visuals and connected to the tag line - It’s a beautiful time for basketball. 

The idea was that as the season progressed, the music would develop, heightening the storyline with the tensions of the season and culminating in the playoffs and finals.


We kicked off the season with a spacious modern cinematic gospel approach that spoke to the beautiful, dream like locations that Psyop created, as well as providing an awesome framework for the VO.

From there we treated each part of the campaign like a new scene in a film, and the soundtrack like tracks on an album, culminating in an epic cinematic track for the finals featuring virtuoso cellist Paul Wiancko of the Kronos Quartet.