ESPN College Football

Expansion Teaser Trailer

ESPN I College Football Expansiont Teaser Trailer
Arts & Letters
Production/Animation Studio: XYZ
Composer: Seth Olinsky



A New Era for College Football and ESPN - Arts & Letters brought us on to help make a trailer to announce the 2024 College Football Playoffs changing from four teams to twelve that would play during the College Football Championship game. 


They needed a track that was cinematic and growing. A supsenseful track that set the anticipation and highlighted the epic transofrmation. 


We explored a variety of cinematic approaches from orchestral, synth or percussion based scores to trailer like approahces to help the creative team at Arts & Letters and ESPN find the exact right tone. 


Focusing on the tone of epic transformation, our scored approach ranged from hyper modern hybrid score,  orchestral arrangements to synth and percussion driven scores. 

The Mathematical Dream of Ashurbanipal

A Gathering of Time

I’m Ready

Integrates its Effects

The Modern Trailer

Dyanmics are ultra important to create the scale of trailers. Pulling on the modern language of trailers we created several scores that would set a trailer like tone for the spot. 



Coronation of Sesosteris