On this project, there isn't one film reference, but loads of classic film references back to back - the blockbuster trailer opening, the Spaghetti Western showdown, the buddy film, the classic 80s Lucas/Spielberg hero adventure, the heist, the Super hero movie etc.

It was our task to explore sound worlds and create the scores to all these films that could then be brought into the edit and cut together from scene to scene. Is it a classic Ennio Morricone reference or a Morricone remix? A Michael Mann style heist or a 

Director Brian Beletic (Smuggler) and composer Seth Olinsky (Consortium) have been reinventing the music process on hyper creative commercials for several
years now, from the pre-Tenant, backwards two and a half minute Nike/Brand Jordan opus made with W&K Shanghai and editor Biff Butler, to this years thirty
second future pyschedelic Door Dash commercial starring Nigerian American female basketball start Chiney Ogwumike for International Womens day.

“With Brian, my team and I are always on from the beginning of the project and starting the music ideation process at the same time as storyboards. Each project is totally different - sometimes the sound is telling the emotion, sometimes its going with the time effects of the film, sometimes it is creating the mise-en-scène of the film and then quick cutting to music coming from a car stereo driving by in a vhs flashback from 1991. We’ve really invented this hyper real process where we score every story beat, but using modern fresh and self aware cues.Working with Brian is always so inspiring because he is always reinventing everything - we’re always throwing all the rules out the window and starting fresh on every project, so it’s always in the studio and getting creative developing new ideas from scratch.